Our Rooms

We are working on 3 rooms and themes to pick from at Escapades LLC. Whether this is your first room, you’re a seasoned gamer, or you just want a fun activity for the family, our variety caters to all types of players. Keep reading to learn more about each of the rooms we are planning.

Inspired by the theatre and our love for performing arts, The Show Must Go On takes you backstage of the latest Escapades Production. A splash of spotlight and a dash of drama make this quest room a huge hit with beginners and experienced players alike. Your crew has only one hour to get everything just right and make tonight’s performance a success!

Minimum of 3 players (Recommended 4-8)

Very Fun & Interactive Room; Highly Recommended for first timers or groups w/ children.

You had heard the rumors about the haunted nursery, but never believed the stories. Now, here you are, in Lillith’s Nursery and she doesn’t want you to leave unless you can find her in a chilling game of hide-n-seek. Move quickly; some of her old playmates are still hanging around!

Minimum of 2 players (Recommended 2-4)

Trigger Warning: Random Auditory Events, Possible Jump Scare

Embark on a haunting journey through the dark and twisted mind of Edgar Allen Poe. Uncover secrets, solve the mystery and escape this nightmare before you’re trapped here forever.

Recommended for 2-6 players

May be disturbing to some players. Trigger Warning for intense audio events.